PARIS PHOTOGRAPHER/engagement/proposal/ELOPEMENT/wedding/anniversary

Engagement, proposal and marriage in Paris are always a good idea! Our city is full of amazing and creative photographers but it’s important for you to choose someone you’ll have a special connection with, someone who understands your needs and especially a photographer who will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. We’ll work together on what you want to create, I can suggest a couple of locations before we meet and send you some inspiration board ideas to get creative shots on your special day!




Photos are eternal memories that last for a lifetime. As we say, nothing remains the same: children grow up and adults grow old. Our life constantly changes every day, every month, every year and the only way to document our daily life and to keep track of our best memories is to take photos but also to print them on paper so it become part of our story. I would recommend a photo session once a year, with beautiful portraits of all your family members that will be hung on to the wall or printed on quality paper so you can see them every day. As Hemingway would say, Paris is a moveable feast, it is a lifetime dream of many travelers so why not immortalize this dream once you're here with a special photo session?


William Adams, Christchurch, New Zealand
"Paulette speaks English and many other languages very well and has a wealth of information about the various sites around Paris that were relevant to my interests. She has a great ability to photograph things in a way that made everything appear more interesting and more aesthetic. I have pictures of my trip that will always be precious for me. Also, it was a pleasure to spend the day with such a lovely and approachable person. If you need a Photographer in Paris, I would strongly recommend her."

Fay Latham, Manchester, Great-Britain
“We experienced a photo session in Paris in an amazing way! Paulette, our Paris Photographer took us around Montorgueil, a beautiful area we were completely unaware of, on and off the beaten track. She made us feel comfortable and glamorous! We are delighted with the moments she captured and would recommend this as a great way of remembering your time in Paris and as a way of exploring this amazing city.”

Victoria Feldman, Moscow, Russia
"We booked a photo shoot and spent an amazing afternoon with Paulette, our Paris Photographer. She managed to capture the present moment and the mood in an extraordinary manner. Although we were not "lucky" with the weather, Paulette has magically turned the grey rainy day into a romantic charm, reflected in the photos. We would warmly recommend Paulette's paris photography tours as she impressively and naturally documented our best travel memories."

Astrid Norén-Nilsson, Upsala, Sweden
"Our photo session in Paris with Paulette, our Paris Photographer was an absolute delight. She immediately made all the family feel comfortable, including our toddler who had as much fun as his parents. Paulette was very attentive to our requests and taste at the same time as she guided us to charming poses. Our friends and relatives have been amazed by these photos."