There are days when you feel lazy and do not want to leave the apartment. Yet I have to as I have a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower today. Luckily it's not as early as usual; my appointment is only at 11AM. I finally leave the apartment and make my way slowly to the metro station, which takes me to the meeting point in less than 45 minutes. But I end up arriving late all the same which I didn’t want because it’s not professional, but I will say it was not entirely my fault: The train always gets delayed when it’s not the right time, but it still means I have to run to the appointment.

I apologize to Amanda and Andrew when I arrive of course. They’re a young and lovely couple and have traveled from the US. I feel so grateful at that moment: How many foreigners want to see the Eiffel Tower but once in their lifetime, and I actually live here, in Paris, right in the center and I can see it anytime I want. Amanda and Andrew seem not to be typical Americans and that’s the first thing they tell me when we meet: We don’t want to do the classic poses the Americans usually want to do! :) But any crazy ones, just for fun, to remember their crazy time in Paris

We start walking and I was really amazed how comfortable they are with the poses. Amanda jumps on Andrew's back, they hug, they kiss very sweetly, they look at each other tenderly and even though they've been together for over a decade, they look as much in love as if they’ve only just started dating... Lots of emotion wells up seeing that.

After having done all the crazy things they can do, we walk towards the river Seine for a quieter time to capture the final memories. A couple of shots more here and there hand in hand in beautiful light before I put all my equipment back in my bag to run to the next photo session at idyllic Bir-Hakeim Bridge.


They are young, elegant, gorgeous, and vibrant. And above all they're not worried about looking ridiculous jumping around the park and making silly poses under the rain with their damaged umbrellas. Her name is Victoria and she comes from Russia, her husband is Dany and he's French Parisian. They met at University in Scotland and are both as crazy as each other. Despite challenging weather, they've decided to book a couples’ photo shoot at Palais Royal to immortalize their memories in the City of Lights.

They've been married for almost 4 years and each moment, each pose, each touch and kiss feels like the first one. Whether it’s raining or shining, their vibrant smiles brighten the sky and it looks like time has stood still in this idyllic Parisian background. It's amazing how comfortable they feel in front of the camera and it looks like they are professional models and have been doing this their entire life. I'm really impressed with their energetic mood despite this dreary weather, and I can't understand why some people are so relaxed posing in front of a camera while others feel anxious.

I'm not used to shooting in this wet weather much, and don't feel very comfortable in the cold. The raindrops are a little annoying and the icing on the cake is that the light isn’t very pretty for getting the results I’d hoped for. Despite the bad conditions, I am surprisingly enjoying the experience and having a blast: It feels like everything is set up for a black and white movie from the 20's: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...  ACTION!

There’s one thing I remembered in that very special moment that felt so powerful: "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

I'm now waiting impatiently for the next photo shoot in the rain...